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Tex Woods Resort is situated in a 250 acres coffee plantation adjacent to Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary at Muthodi. As you enter the coffee plantations the huge Silver Oaks and towering Bamboos bowing in the wind, whisper a Sweet Welcome.


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TEX WOODS is a trekker’s paradise surrounded by lush green forests, hills, and passes. We offer you a guided tour of the Coffee plantation and spice village. During your stay at our resort, you can do unique activities in which you savor the natural beauty of the woods.




Tex Woods Resort is located at Sheegekhan Estate, next to Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary. The destinations such as Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Mullayanagiri and Kudremukh National Park are a must-see for tourists.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by acres of forestland and has a huge water reservoir. These forests are rich in distinct Bamboo and birds species from the Malabar and Sahyadri ranges. This natural habitat of the wild animals is a well-known Project tiger reserve.

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Explore nature in a tranquil setting in Tex Woods, a perfect place for one to blend nature and adventure. Situated in 250 acres of coffee plantation, this resort provides luxury and comfort.

The huge Silver Oaks and the towering Bamboo trees are ready to give you a hearty welcome with its stunning views of the rustic woods, the greenery plantations, the breathtaking mountains and the exotic wildlife. The main building houses are well furnished suites and rooms with all modern facilities and amenities. Come and feel the tranquil bliss of this place with unpolluted air filling your lungs.

The hospitality of the staff members is good and are ready to provide all support to every guest. The other facilities include rejuvenation therapies, library and barbeque. Apart from these, the resort also offers indoor games such as carom and chess. Delicious and yummy dishes are being served for lunch and dinner.